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Building beauty from the inside out, our collagen capsules form the foundation of our skin and healthcare ranges. Collagen is nature's own incredible ingredient for supple skin, strong nails, shiny hair and healthy joints.

  • Contains only natural ingredients.
  • Helps maintain a youthful appearance by plumping fine lines and minimising wrinkles.
  • Beneficial to joints, bones, skin, hair and nails.
  • proto-col collagen comes from a bovine source as this is the closest match to human collagen.
  • 90 capsules.
gluten free
lactose free
dairy free

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Collagen is a natural protein that is made up of amino acids – the natural building blocks of our skin. Collagen is found throughout the body – in skin, hair, teeth, muscle, tendon and bone and it helps hold us together.

proto-col uses only hydrolysed collagen which means it has essentially been “pre-digested”, so the digestive system takes less time and energy to break down the protein and therefore it gets absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly. As we get older our body tends to produce less collagen causing loss of skin elasticity and reduced joint mobility. By the age of 45 our collagen level has decreased by about 30 percent. proto-col use bovine collagen as it is so similar to human collagen and many people in the beauty industry have embraced its use to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Taking a collagen supplement can help maintain a youthful complexion and obtain optimum well-being.

Collagen has been known to increase joint mobility and reduce arthritis pain. It is also used to help combat cellulite and has only 4.8 calories per serving.  proto-col use bovine collagen as it is considered to be the closest match to human collagen.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Suitability Gluten free, Lactose free, Dairy free
Volume 90 capsules
Additional Info

May boost the natural production of collagen within the body.
May help improve the elasticity of the skin.
May produce noticeable signs of the skin becoming firmer with a reduction of lines and wrinkles.
Readily absorbed by the body because it allows protein to be bio-available and water soluble.
May aid the repair and regeneration of ligaments, tendons, joints and bones as well as improving the connective tissue of the skin.
May help stabilise the body’s immune system and neutralise the production of abnormal molecular structures which are known to be a major cause of joint problems and stiffness. 
Provides the raw material for cartilage to rebuild.

Key Ingredients:
Pure Collagen Hydrolysate (Type I and II).

The minimum recommended dosage is 3 capsules per night. The capsules should be taken prior to going to bed as the first phase of sleep is when maximum repair and regeneration occurs, and for maximum results they should be taken on an empty stomach or at least 1 1/2 hours after eating a main meal. This dosage can safely be increased for chronic or acute conditions or as an additional boost in the repair of injuries (recommended 9 capsules a day).



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Beauty comes from withinReview by Jill Berladyn
The saying “beauty comes from within” has a whole new meaning when it comes to Proto-col capsules. Within three months of starting to take the capsules I noticed a remarkable difference in my skin, nails and hair. My main area of concern for aging at the time was my hands, and now two/three years down the line I can quite honestly say my hands look younger now than they did back then even though I am now older. I have consistently been complimented on my skin and how healthy and glowing I look. My age has recently been guessed at 10/15 years younger than I am and I can honestly say that I believe it is the remarkable results of taking the Proto-col capsules. To anyone that is thinking of getting the capsules and cannot decide, look on the internet or go to your library to research and see how important protein, namely amino acids, are to the structure of your body, its bones, muscles and skin. Order them and see the results for yourself. They are my desert island product. (Posted on 04/07/2013)

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Questions & Answers

Are there any side effects when taking collagen?

There are no known side effects from this natural pure collagen supplement.


Can pure collagen help with cellulite?

Yes, collagen can help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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